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loridarling's Journal

27 August
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Lori. 20 years of age. Australian. Possibly slightly insane. Any questions?

Ok, enough about me. In this journal you will find some of the following in no particular order or ratio.

- Ramblings about stupid stuff. I don't pretend that my life is interesting whatsoever. I realise that it is most probabaly mundane and slightly offensive to those who come here looking for an interesting experience.
- Memes. I also don't pretend that I'm not a sheep. Baaah!
- Icons. Randomly. I love making them, but rarely make enough to be worthy of their own special journal. So. They are here when I make them. That being said, feel free to take them when you see them. I don't stand on ceremony...although giving me your firstborn in payment would be appreciated. There will be a credit post forthcoming...
- Random crap. Enjoy.

Ok. More about me, so you aren't going in blind...so to speak.

As I said before, I'm 20 and Australian. I'm studying at University to become a secondary school teacher in English and History. I have a large family. I am increasingly left wing. I am fast becoming an insolent snot. I try to be outrageously liberal - try being the operative word. I am a bit of a music snob, not outrageously, but a little, definitely. Er...that's about it.

Seriously, if you want to friend me, go ahead. I'll friend you back &c. It will be wonderful.

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